Vilcabamba Ecuador Real Estate – – Vilcabamba Properties – Ecuador – 12th May 2011 – VREC’s Latest Email Update – Vilcabamba Real Estate Company

VREC Properties Update – Vilcabamba Activity, Properties of Interest, Rental Situation, and a little peek “Behind the Scenes.”

Hello everybody

Well, Vilcabamba has finally emerged from rainy season a couple of weeks ago! These verdant valleys have to be seen to be believed at the moment. Some bamboo I transplanted grew about six feet in two months! Significant rain, coupled with extended sunny periods means the plants just go nuts here!

Vilcabamba is right now in the middle of the second Raw Food World Conference and there is a real buzz around the central square and at the Madre Tierra Hotel, where many of the events are taking place. This event is a perfect example of the increasing number of people coming to Vilcabamba to find out how they can live more simply, more healthily, and closer to nature than they probably ever have done before.

I should also point out that despite the recent influx of new rental properties coming onto the market, they have all been snapped up (as can be seen by our “VREC Rentals” webpage). This demand for rentals here is only growing apace, and the pipeline of folks we have lined up over the next few months who are coming down for property tours and just to hang out for a while here to see how they like it, would indicate the rental shortage will not be easing anytime soon. I am currently working hard to get some other property owners and developers to put new rental accommodation onto the market. I will be Tweeting and updating the website as and when rental properties become available.

I have listed properties below which I think are particularly worthy of your attention.

  1. VQ028 – $110K – Please note this property is only available until the end of THIS MONTH. The rapidly depreciating US dollar means the owner has imposed the final day of this month as the cut-off for closing a deal on this property. If you are interested in this property, let me know asap!
  2. PP007 – Varied Lot Prices – This property has approximately 22 lots, of which 7 are currently sold. Along with PP013 (below) this property represents the best dollar for dollar value of ANY land in the Vilcabamba valley.
  3. PP013 – Varied Lot Prices – This property has the best views available in the Vilcabamba valley (hence the name “Where Eagles Dare”). Along with those incomparable views come the best value for money pricing available in the Vilcabamba valley. Get in quick and get yourself an additional 15% discount!
  4. VT030 – $54,900 – This property has sweeping views of the Vilcabamba valley and of Mandango. It is a hectare (2.47 acres), and comes with a winter creek, and two perfect building pads. Additionally this property can be terraced and would be ideal for a gravity-fed permaculture project. Again, the price is pretty special for a hectare this close to Vilca centre.
  5. PP010 – $250,000 – This property is 1.2 ha (3 acres) of perfectly sculpted grounds complete with a spring, a pond, a 4 bed 4 bath main house and a 2 bed guest or caretaker house. This is very competitively priced … in short, you could not currently buy and build this property to its current level, for this asking price.
  6. PP012 – $295,000 – The landmark property of our (recently deceased) friend Capt’n Erle is still looking for a buyer! I will only say that this property is truly incredible, right next to the Podocarpus National Park main entry, and is turn-key and ready to go.
  7. SC002 – $45,000 – A two-storey double-adobe-brick home – turnkey and ready to go – on about 1000m2 – with gardens and a winter creek – only 4kms from Vilca’s main square – only $45,000! Say no more.
  8. VQ026 – $65,000 – A very charming house on 1,700m2 – turnkey and ready to go.
  9. VQ027 – $55,000 – A small house in need of renovation, on 2,200m2 … only a short distance to Vilca central.
  10. VQ014 – Reduced to $80,000 – A one hectare riverside property with house, only 11kms from Vilca centre. Mature fruit trees of all descriptions, coffee, bananas etc. Perfect for a downshifting couple interested in sustainability.
  11. Lot 7 – Hacienda San Joaquin – $299,000 – A beautiful, brand-new and spacious two-storey, 3,772 square foot traditional home (includes porch, balcony and carport) on 0.3 acres (1,234 square meters).
  12. VT031 – Hacienda San Joaquin – $180,000 – A stunning “absolute riverfront” 1 hectare piece of land within the Hacienda San Joaquin gated community.

Please visit our website to view any of the above properties (as well as all our other listings) in more detail.

In other news, I thought I would share with you a little “behind the scenes” stuff, which I usually don’t go into. Over the last month, VREC had about 25 applications by folks wanting to list their property with us. To give you an idea of the due-diligence process we go through BEFORE we even list a property, to date we have only accepted 3 of those properties for official listing and representation. The reason/s for not listing the majority of those properties could be:

  1. Not suitable for or saleable to our primary client demographic.
  2. The owner wants far too much money for the property (and we won’t list it at much over what we think it would sell for on its best day). This practice helps keep our website “proportional” and also gives our clients confidence that the property they may be interested in, is not wildly over-priced.
  3. No access, or unacceptable/unreliable access.
  4. Flooding issues.
  5. Subsidence issues.
  6. Property-Developer operates to standards which are unacceptable to VREC.
  7. Access to services (power and water) is unavailable, difficult or unlikely in the near future.

Please be aware these are just seven examples of many reasons VREC may choose not to list a property. And unfortunately, we have lost deals due to the fact we wouldn’t list some properties. But the point is that we would rather incur those short-term “losses” in order to ensure as best we can that our clients are going to be happy with any property they buy from us. It is for this reason we go to so much effort to screen bad or inappropriate properties out of our listings. Our three years of testimonials from happy clients (check “References” on our website) is a testament to the long-term wisdom of this approach.

Needless to say, the same standards do not apply with the unlicensed “operators” around here, who will typically list anything at any price, just to try get a deal. So the moral I guess, is the same as ever down here in Ecuador. Deal with a licensed operator. It is very much a buyer-beware scenario if you don’t. Follow the 8 steps on our homepage to gauge your confidence in dealing with anyone purporting to be in real-estate, as most of these folks are simply opportunistic and inexperienced middle-persons looking to make a quick buck out of you.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Don’t forget to follow VREC on Twitter, if you want the most timely updates as and when changes are made to our website.

Best wishes to all,

Nick Vasey
Founder – Vilcabamba Real Estate Company: (VREC) Properties

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